Wrightsville, NC by Jodi

Our stay in Wrightsville, NC – 8 days

We arrived in Wrightsville on Thursday 5/1 after sailing through the night on a very bumpy sea.  Gary and I were headed to Hatteras NC.  Due to the foul weather we turned into port and found this quaint town.  We dropped the hook around noon-ish, there were only a few boat in the bay when we arrived, by nightfall the bay was full.  The next morning we watched all the boats pull anchor and head back out, again only 3 or 4 boats left in the harbor.  We put the dinghy in the water and headed out exploring.  We were able to tie the dinghy up at Bridge Tender Marina for free “tip’s accepted” which we did.  Found West Marine, Teeters, Dollar Store and Food Lion, all about a mile up the road.  We looking for the UPS store as our part we ordered would be in on Monday.

On the way back to our boat, the couple next to us was also pulling in and we invited them for dinner.  They accepted readily as they were bored just sitting around.  We served lasagna, fresh bread, corn on the cob and fruit salad for desert.  Had a great time swapping sailing stories.  Frank and Deanna have been living aboard their boat since October 2012.  They have captained many boats and delivered several to their new owners. After several hours they said their goodbyes and Gary and I were off to bed.

Monday is Wrightsville’s farmers market day.  Gary dropped us off at the Sea Tower marina and Rio and I hiked the 5 blocks to do some shopping.  Not a very large market, maybe 10 stalls with only two having produce.  I bought 2 tomato plants to try my hand at growing my own vegetables on board.  Gary just laughed at me!  In the afternoon we hiked back to Wrightsville to pick up our AIS part at UPS.  We stopped by Wendy’s to use the free WiFi to post our latest video.  We sat outside as dogs are not welcome in the store.  While Gary was posting the video, I did a little shopping for needed food items.  I try not to buy to much as we have to carry everything in backpacks.

Tuesday morning we dinghy to the Sea Tower marina and snuck into the shower area for our first long hot shower in 2 months.  What a nice treat.

Later that morning we received an email peter familyfrom a couple who was in town for their daughters graduation.  They recently bought a 470 Catalina and saw our boat at anchor and got out their binoculars to read the name of our vessel, looked us up on the 470 group.  We were invited to dinner that evening along with the use of the washer and dryer.  Pete and Kim picked us up at the dinghy dock.  Had a wonderful dinner of steak, salad and drinks.  His parents were also in town and were at the sea villa for dinner too.  We swapped lots of sailing stories.  The next morning we took them out sailing for 4 hours and showed them the improvements we had made on our boat.

Thursday morning we had a calm bay and no wind, so I decided to wash the sides/hull of the boat, 4 hours later and two very sore arms I was done. Boat is shinny once again.

Friday morning Pete called with an offer of a ride to the local food market to fill our pantry again. I jumped at the offer.  10 pounds of flour & sugar, 2-18 packs of coke, 2 cases of beer, meat, fruits, can goods etc… what a trip.

Saturday we pulled anchor and headed to Beaufort NC.

Watch the Wrightsville HD Video

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