The most danger we have seen in the Caribbean

Yes, there are pirates here, and sharks, and even hurricanes… but those are NOT the most dangerous things a cruiser faces down here. The most dangerous is a “bus” ride into the “city”.

van tripTake today for an example. Who would have guessed that it would only take 5:45 hours to ride on 3 busses, visit a new town, buy groceries, eat lunch and travel 76.63 miles! Now thats makin’ time. We learned a few other little details too.

1: A small Toyota van can be fitted with enough seats to seat 16 passengers.van
2: There are not enough small Dominicans to fill a Toyota van without massive overlap.
3: Dominica is only 4000 ft high, but you must climb that height at least 6 times to cross the island once.
4: White people will turn much whiter when sitting in the front seat at 100kph facing a 400′ drop-off into the sea.
5: There are many, many 400′ drop-offs into the sea available in Dominica.
6: Massive passenger overlap is not better than a seatbelt, but seems to work when seatbelts are not available.
7: A Toyota van can actually get 100kph at 9000rpm, uphill, in second gear and NOT throw a valve for an amazing distance.
8: 14 bus passengers will only snicker when the two white ones are moaning, whining and grabbing the ceiling every time the anti-lock brakes chatter, or a rear wheel lifts off the pavement.hand van
9:You have no business driving around blind corners at these speeds here unless you are truly expert at using your horn.
10: All bus drivers are not equal. The really fast and crazy ones have names that start with the letters A-Z.


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