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Long time from last blog – Oct 2013

Our last blog had us in sailing with “Ellie” in Bar Harbor Maine.

Well we sailed quit a ways since then. Sometimes it is hard to sit down and write about our travels. Some of the novelty has worn off, and things that we just HAD to write about at first are now “old news.” We are sitting in a great little anchorage, fjord700 miles from “home,” eating good, enjoying life…. but not writing enough.


low tide / high tide

So where have we been since Ellie was on board?
We left Bar Harbor and sailed to SW Harbor and stayed several days. One day we sailed up the Fjord to Somesville ME and spent the day. Took an hour to sail up and the same back. It was a beautiful sail and a nice day for a walk to the little town. This was also our most extreme tides with 18ft of change from high to low.

We returned to Kittery Maine 8/22 and mailed “Ellie” back to MN. We stayed several days and visited with our friends Pam and Dan.

We sailed in Maine for a month. We saw lighthouses, lobster pots, MAJOR rocks, extreme tides and lots of fog as thick a pea soup. Since we have sailed in Florida for several years we have gotten very good at dodging crab traps while under sail. We were not that lucky at “the dodge” in Maine. The density of lobster posts has to be seen to be believed and we hooked 4 while we were there. Our first was in Kittery on the way out of port. 2nd in Bar Harbor and 2 on 8/23 in 300ft of ocean. Luckily we were able to reverse the boat and unhook each of them from the keel.IMG_1184

We left Maine August 27 and headed to Gloucester MA. On our way we met up with a couple on “Silverheels” who were flying their spinnaker. This was a great photo op and way to make new friends, so I set about taking photos and radioing them to get email and phone numbers. They too were going to Gloucester so we made plans to meet up there for dinner and drinks. Gloucester is the home of Gordon Foods and Wicked Tuna TV show. We met one of the famous new TV stars at a local marine store. We spent Labor Day Weekend in this port.

9/1/13 From there we went to Salem. I IMG_1206just had to see the witches. We spent the day in town walking through the graveyards and seeing the Bewitched status. This is haunting little town.

9/2 We dropped anchor in Plymouth harbor but did not get off the boat. Just spent the night. This was the only place north of the Chesapeake where we touched bottom. How the pilgrims did it I will never know, as the harbor seemed absolutely impossible without GPS and a chart plotter.

9/4 We sailed into Woods Hole and then Hadley Harbor for 2 days. IMG_1220This is an island group that is owned by the Forbes Family (John Keary Forbes). They have placed 25 mooring balls in this quite harbor for transits to use while in the area. It is free mooring, but the land is private and you just can’t go to shore. While in the harbor, another C470 that we had never met moored next to us. “Snow Goose.” So we headed over to make their acquaintance. They are from Newport RI and sailed up for the week. The next day they left and in comes another C470, “Making Progress.” What are the chances of 3 C470’s mooring right beside each other in a little harbor like this?!IMG_1262

Block Island dunes

Block IslanIMG_1323d dunes

9/7 Newport RI was our next stop. Spent a week here. Met a couple, Scott and John who have a Schipperke dog like ours. We made a date to have lunch and a “play date” for the dogs. We also met a second couple who are from Duluth Minnesota, they have just put their boat up for sale. They have been cruising for the past 15 years. They took us on a driving tour of the town. So we were able to see the HOUSEs on Beach Blvd. “WOW”

While in port we went to the boat show and ran into “Silverheels” who was a featured boat at the show. Also at the show we bumped into a couple we met in Wrightsville NC back in May and the couple from “Snow Goose”, and two more C470 boats. So we had a awesome time meeting old and new friends.

9/14 Block Island was our next destination. This is an island in Long Island Sound. Quaint little island and it took us 2 hours to walk from one end to the other.

9/16 Where is Yale University?? It is in New Haven CT. We were able to pick up a free town mooring ball close to downtown. On our way in to port we met the crew working on the new Yale marine center. They were a motley bunch and reminded us of the crew from Deadliest Catch.IMG_1330

9/17 We have made it to the mouth of Hells Gate to NY city. We are able to grab another free mooring ball in Port Washington NY. While in port we met Stan who has a C470 moored here. He took us to lunch at the Yacht Club. Also met a young couple from Switzerland who bought their boat in Florida and sailed north for the season and was returning south to sell her and return home.

IMG_1339Gary and I decided to take the train from Port Washington to NY City instead of sailing there. This was my first train ride.

9/21 New York City! We walked to the train station at 8:30 in the morning. It is about a 1/2 hour walk. Once there we got our round trip tickets to NY and boarded the train. We arrived at Penn Station 45 minutes later for our adventure to the Big Apple.IMG_1347

The first thing we did was have breakfast from a street vendor.. a buck 57 for 2 eggs, toast and hash browns. What a deal. We were in town on a Saturday – so it was not crazy crowded on the sidewalks.

We headed towards the Empire State Building in awe of all the tall building and so close together.

We made it to the follow places in The City:IMG_1352
Empire State Bldg
Madison Sq Garden
Central Park
Trump Towers
Ground Zero
China Town
Little Italy
Grand Central Station
and took the subway to ground Zero.
Everyplace looked like a scene from a TV drama, with too many famous streets to name.

After 10 hours in the City we were IMG_1479ready to go back to the boat. We had walked so many miles and we still had the 1/2 hour walk back to the boat. We had a GRAND time in NY and would will do it again.

9/22 we left port and point our boat towards Hells Gate and the NY waterway. We sailed by the UN building, Ellis Island and the Statue of NY_AISLiberty. While passing the UN we were escorted along with two others boats, by 3 manned machine gun carrying Coast Guards boats! What an exciting trip we had. While sailing out of NY we had to turn IMG_1496off our AIS, this is our navigation tool to show us where the other boats are, where they are heading and how fast. Why – too many boats in the area we could not see our route.

9/24 our new friends from Switzerland joined us on the sail down. We were going to go to Atlantic City for a day or so, but decided to bypass and go to Cape May NJ. This was an overnight sail and once again the weather did not obey the forecast with gusts above 35kts. Once at anchor we went to town for the afternoon and had Nadia and Jonah over for cocktails that night.

9/26 Ocean City MD, spent 2 night/days here. IMG_1600Walked the boardwalk one day. It is off season now. Rio learned how to ride in the backpack this day. Not allow on the walk, so we improvised.

9/28 We sailed to Chincoteague Island/Assateague Island VA. What an adventure this was. We were looking for a quick place to sail into for the night. Called the City Harbor Master for dockage availability. Sure enough they have room for us. IMG_1599No problem with the boat size, we’ll fit just fine. Well it was not a quick into port, an hour later we made it, with help from the local fishermen who kept us from going aground. There is no one to help tie us up to this itty bitty dock. We made it, but it was not easy. This town is famous for their wild pony on Assateague Island that the volunteer fire department rounds up and swim them across the bay to Chincoteague to auction off. Several years ago there was a children’s books written about the pony “Misty of Chincoteague” and several others. This town also raised chickens and duck for sale. I was so enthralled with this town, I would go back in a heartbeat.IMG_1617

10/3 We left Chincoteague and sailed to Wrightsville NC. We needed to get around Cape Hatteras and so this had to be 2 overnights. We were in Wrightsville before  and this is where we met our first C470 sister ship back in May.

This time we met a different types of friend, one in a white shirt and tie. You know them as Jehovah Witnesses. They come by your house and offer you their pamphlets. Well we had a group show up via boat to offer the word and their pamphlets. REALLY!!! I was so shocked! and laughed till I had tears in my eyes.

While in Wrightsville we celebrated my birthday with diner in town.

10/11 Gary and I put the boat up at the local marina and rented a car for the week to drive to Tampa for work. Gary needed to be in the office. We met up with Michael and visited for 2 days, and met up with Jenna for a few hours on the way back to the boat.IMG_1647

10/21 We got back to the boat yesterday. On the trip back from Tampa we ran across yet another C470, this time it was on a trailer on I95 heading to Canada to her new owners. We sure have been lucky to meet so many C470 members. This boat makes 16 for the season.

We set sail to Charleston SC, this was an overnight sail.IMG_1683

While in Charleston we met a father/son crew, Cecil and Hank, they are on a 42′ Catalina. Had them over for dinner and drinks, and Cecil didn’t let being 86yrs old slow him down a bit.

10/26 Gary and I have decided to do a little Inter-coastal cruising. We left Charleston at 8:30 and headed into the ICW. Our boat is NOT an IMG_1685Inter-coastal cruiser, and the stretch from Charleston to Fernandina Beach is really the only part of the ICW that we can sail with out fear of hitting bottom or a bridge.  (We just ran into a mud bar, but were able to get off)  It is beautiful though !!!!!!!!!