Sarah Creek on the York River

May 22nd Wednesday

Pulled anchor after 2 nights at Norfolk VA – headed to Sarah’s Creek.  We left early afternoon for a very pleasant sail.  Met another sailing vessel Summers Breeze via the VHF radio.  He is single handling his boat which is 38′.

We arrived safely at 6:00 pm at a nice quite anchorage in Yorktown River.  DSCF0053We dropped the hook out side the yacht club in Gloucester Point VA.  This marina has 315 slips (most of them have boats), a pool, restaurant, boat yard and library.  I was able to exchange the books I read on board for a whole new selection.  We dinghied up the river to find the Food Lion store and auto parts, a 15 minute boat ride and 1/2 hour walk one way.

After being at anchor for 2 days we decided to have the boat pulled out of the water and have the bottom paint done, replace the dripless shaft seal and add a “spurs” line cutter to the prop.  Since we left we have put on over a thousand  miles and we knew we needed to repaint the boat so now was a good time.  Bottom paint has a life span of about 2 years.  When we arrived at the boat yard to be lifted out, it was low tide and Gary and I had to “PLOW” our way in as the depth was 5′ 8″ and we draw 6′.deep in the ways  Once in the slip, the yard crew were unable to get the straps under the boat to lift us out.  The keel and rudder were sitting on the bottom.  They tried everything from weighting the straps down to pushing a plastic bottle tied to a rope under the boat and hopefully pop up on the other side.  No go!  So after 2 hours we were tied in the slip for the night with the winds blowing up a storm.  For those of you who have been following our blog, remember the couple we met in Wrightsville with the 470 Catalina, who tracked us down, they had their boat in this same yard.  What a small world.

Okay back to getting the boat out.  hotelCountryDancerEddie and Danno returned Saturday morning at 10 and pulled us out. We were floating, an hour later we were up on stilts and a ladder tied to the rail so we could get aboard.  It is now sitting way up in the air.  With the use of a tote bag on a rope we could pull Rio up and down along with other items like tools. Otherwise we had to carry everything by hand.  This was so much easier.  We worked on the blisters that had started on the bottom all weekend.  The neighboring boat a Morgan 41′ owned by George and Karen, similar to our friends Sally and Brian’s boat were also working on their bottom.  We hit it off as friends and began to help each other with different items that needed to be done.  George had some left over epoxy that he applied to a few of the finished blisters on our vessel and Gary went up their mast to attach a new wind indicator for them.

The Marina had a courtesy car that I was able to use while on the hard. It has been 2 months since I last drove. I remembered how.  First stop my favorite Wal-Mart!!  Got some fabric to cover the new jerry cans we picked up at the previous port, then on to the Big Lots, Food Lion and West Marine.  My second trip was to Lowe’s for lumber so we could attach the new jerry cans to the top of the boat.  It was so nice to have a car to gather all the items we needed.  On my final trip to town I did the big shopping for the crossing, 12 cases of coke, 3 cases of beer, canned soup, chicken, steaks, hamburger, pasta, chips, powdered milk, etc.. I was amazed at how much food you need to buy for a month to eat. No running to the local store once you leave port. Again everything went in the tote bag to go up to the top of the boat.  Once I had it all packaged and back down the ladder, the restaurant put it in their freeze for us.  It takes ours quite a long time to freeze that much food.

We had Eddie and his wife Ello over for dinner, to thank him for all the work he did and the fish he added to our coffers.  George and Karen came the next night and we talked for hours about sailing. They brought fixings for rum drinks to go with the taco salad we did.  I even made the taco bowls..

While on the hard we can not use the AC because it needs water to cool the unit, so there we sat in 80 to 90 degree weather, had every fan on and port hatches open trying to keep us cool.  I even went to the pool one day.

I polish the stainless steel on the topside of the boat while Gary was working on the bottom.  We got everything done in the week we were in the yard.  The boat was splashed on Monday early, fueled up and we are off again.

We did a layover in Cornfield Harbor, then Solomon’s Creek and finally to Annapolis.

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