Notorious – or Newstorious ?

The most northern and western Atlantic seaport is actually 1344 miles from the Ocean. It’s Duluth MN and her sister Thunder Bay Canada. Much further north than Toronto Canada, and within a hair of being as far north as Ontario Canada, this is the winter-land of dog sleds, ice caves and sailboats – WWWWHHHAAATT.

Country Dancer spent the winter of 2015-16 in a slip at Spirit Lake Marina, Duluth. Our adventure included a couple boat bucks worth of shrinkwrap and insulation, 3 electric heaters, 2 ice-eaters and a partridge in a bare tree.

2 thoughts on “Notorious – or Newstorious ?

  1. Shane Gardner

    Hello Country Dancer. I just wanted to say hello and thank you. I saw your boat tied up at the docks in down town Peoria IL a few weeks back. On a chance I looked the name up and found your blog and it has really reignited a fire in me to again travel and be bold. I’ve always had a gypsy soul but life happened and so things were put on the back burner. I still have a few years till I can retire but I have always wanted to just sail away and explore. So thank you and I will continue to follow along on your journey.

    Safe journey
    Shane Gardner


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