Norfolk, VA by Jodi

May 19th Sunday Norfolk VA

Dozens of ships on our AIS Chart

After 30 hours of motor sailing we were ready to drop the anchor and get some badly needed sleep.  Neither Gary nor I slept well on this trip.  Not sure why. We had no wind and the seas were bouncy again.  As were arrive at the mouth of the channel there are several container ships already in the channel coming and going.  We have installed the AIS and are able to see the ships and their name, heading and speed. Suddenly  one of the ships radioed US asking OUR destination, and we responded with our heading.  They said they would take the outer channel and we were to go straight up the channel.  Once we out of the channel and headed to our anchorage we felt much better.  Those ships are big!!!

First thing on our to do list is Coke, we are out and Gary needs a fix.  He can’t live with out a diet coke.  So we head into town to a 7-11 and stop to ask a gentlemen for directions.  Turns out he is also a sailor . Martin offered to take us to the 7-11 to get the pop we were in need of.  After we returned he invited us to dinner.  Molly & Martin fixed pork loin, corn on the cob and salad and their daughter baked cookies.  Fabulous!  Rio got to play with their golden retriever and had a blast. Martin was delivering a racing sail boat the next day further north on the Chesapeake.

Norfolk Naval Airstation Anchorage

Norfolk Naval Air station Anchorage – less than 50′ above our mast top

While at anchor across from the navel base we were able to watch the helicopters fly all day long. It was a show.  They would fly over with their orange painted power poles as practice cargo, and do touch downs, hovers and pick up navy seals.

After two days we were ready to move on.  I did the laundry at the marina and hung them out on the boat. The next day we pulled anchor and head to Sarah’s Creek.  After 6 hours and a beautiful sail we arrived and dropped the hook out side of the marina. A wonderful location and the subject of our next blog.

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  1. Jeanne

    It seems to me that it takes an awfully long time to get from place to place! Glad you have practiced a lot, as this could really be a test for a marriage!!! Just kidding. Stay safe! Keep blogging. Luv, J


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