Miami and the real “South Beach” 12-28-2013

Miami and the real “South Beach”

Lots of things in South Beach are "slightly enhanced"

Lots of things in South Beach are “slightly enhanced”

Before you arrive in Miami, there are thousands of images that go through your mind. Crystal clear Biscayne bay, “NCIS”, South Beach Models, Miami Boat show, “Miami Vice”. As usual, reality is slightly less “color enhanced” than the TV Image.

Miami skyline does not need to be color enhanced.

Miami skyline does not need to be color enhanced.

We arrived in Miami late afternoon.  Coming into the channel we were dodging huge cruise ships and then went to the Miami Marine Stadium for the night. This is a man made lagoon with covered bleachers for boat racing, much like the Indy 500. The view of the Miami skyline at night was spectacular.

The next day we moved to South Beach. We needed to be close to grocery stores to provision for our trip to the Bahamas. There is a Publix just off the City dock and also one up a little channel. So we are set to start putting together the items we will need for our trip.

When traveling to the Bahamas you need to bring all your meats, can goods, liquor and beer. It is expensive to buy most of these items there. A roll of paper towels can cost up to $3.50 per roll. Beer is $57.00 for a case. So we rented a car for the day and drove to Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club for most of our supplies. (2) 12 packs of paper towels and same for TP. 15 cases of beer, 5 boxes of wine and 9 bottles. Not that we drink that much. We look at it as it will last forever. Better to have to much then not enough. Pork chop, chicken, steaks, bacon and so on is in the freezer. 20 lbs of potatoes, 5 lbs onions, 20 lbs flour and sugar for making bread and cakes.



We picked up singular items at Publix. Tomatoes, pineapple, apples, oranges etc.. the items that will not last a long time. These items we will need to buy when in the Bahamas when we are able to find them.

Christmas dinner

Christmas dinner on the Dancer

It took a week to get everything bought and stowed. During this week, we ran into our friends from Minnesota on “Saltine.” We spent a day in town @ South Beach with them and enjoyed a nice lunch on Lincoln Ave. We also walked Ocean Drive with them. This is the Rodeo Drive of South Beach. Here is where the Beautiful People hang out. Models, pretty boys, and movie stars. I was absolutely amazed that you can RENT a convertible Lamborghini by the hour here.

Second day at anchor in S Beach we met S/V awabAWAB (All Women Are Beautiful) who anchored next to use. He is from Germany and Paula is from Rome. They were every helpful on what we need to see while in the Bahamas as Peter has been there several times. We spent a lot of time with this couple, they even babysat Rio when we went grocery shopping. When Rio is on AWAB his name is Fritz.

We had a storm blow in on our forth night at anchor 1/8/14. Gary went up to check on the dinghy about midnight and found that it had disappeared. So the next day we called around to the marines in the area to see if it drifted over to their docks. The Miami Marina found our dinghy late morning. It was sunk on their T-dock. They were kind enough to tow it to their loading dock and pull it out. The 15 horse motor was still attached. Thank goodness. Peter lent us his dinghy to retrieve our motor so Gary could pickle it before it was ruined. Worked on the motor for 2 days and finally got it going. Peter and Scott were a great help in getting the engine running again. Even if it was just moral support.

Then we had to patch the 4 very large holes in the dinghy itself. Gary and I had made dinghy chaps which were on at the time. We believe that if they were not in place, it would have had more holes then it did. The chaps will need to be replaced soon as there are many little tears. First we had to get all the water out of the tubes, then have a dry day to repair it. It had been raining part of the day everyday after the accident. With our weather window predicted for 1/14/14. We had to move to No Name Harbor the night before to leave early, dawn for Bimini. Took 2 days to patch the dinghy. Peter towed us to our boat and we attached the motor. We are back in water. Engine is a little ruff but it runs. We made the repair in time to hit our window.

At No Name Harbor we met up with “Escape,” one of our 470 friends. We walked the small island and then settled in for the night, for our early morning sail.

We were up at 5 and ready to pull anchor. “Samvaro III”, another 470 we met in Ft. Pierce were also sailing to Bimini, along with “AWAB,” so we made plans to go together. When Gary pulled the anchor we had an old crab trap wrapped around it. It took a half hour to detach it. So then we were off.

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