July 31st 2013 Our Anniversary

8 years ago, Gary and I said our vows to become husband and wife.  Who would have thought that we would have done some many things together in those nine years.Jodi and Gary

We moved from Tallahassee to Seminole Florida, bought a house and remodeled it from top to bottom.

Sold our little sail boat and bought Big Dancer.  Made major changes to her.  Pantry, new galley flooring, shelves, storage and lots of waxing.

We set sail in April to travel the world.  Three months into our journey we have sailed the entire East Coast.  Our goal is to make it to Canada then back down the coast to the ports we missed on the way up and winter in Mexico.

Today we are anchored in Portland Maine and to celebrate this wonderful day we are making our gifts to each other.  IMG_0975smallWe gave up buying things and opted to create them instead.

We decided on a teak serving tray and fid bookshelf holders.  Gary  routed the wood and I stain and seal them..glove up and begin.  Once the pieces are dry we commence to put them all together for the finished product.

Apple baked pork chops for dinner with a salad and tomatoes from our plant.

Happy to us!!

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