Beaufort, NC

Wild Horses at Beaufort NC – May 11th

Our trip to Beaufort was exciting, we put our fishing pole out for the first time and after several hours we had a fish on.  Gary got the rod and I took the wheel to slow the boat down so we could land whatever we caught.  10 minutes later we had a Blackfin Tuna on board.  Gary cleaned the fish on the back of the boat, blood all over as the fish decided to flop around and splash it everywhere.  Tuna steaks in the freezer and 2 in the fridge for diner.

Wild horses and sailboats

Wild horses and sailboats

As we sailed into this pretty little town at dawn, on the island to the starboard/right of us are horses, it was a cool sight.

We rounded the corner/buoy and there is this seaside town with its old building and boats anchored everywhere.  It was so crowded a lot of the boats were in the channel. We found our nook and moored for the night.  The boat to our right was from Alaska, a sailing trawler – bright yellow, could see it for miles I bet!!  Spent the day on the boat cleaning her up after our sail.  The Alaskan boat left the next morning and we moved to their spot as it was a better anchorage.

May 12th, into town I go.  Gary dropped me off at the local dinghy dock and Rio and I head to the local hardware store a mile and a half away.  Got to the store and they no longer sell hardware, they direct me to Ace up the road a few blocks.  Ya Right, try another 1/2 mile, but there was also Piggly Wiggle’s, Family Dollar, Thrift shop and a gas station. Rio and I skipped the food store and went to the dollar store, dogs welcome.  After my return to the boat Gary was done with work so we all went to the island to find the wild mustang’s. The rules are:

stay 50′ awayrio horse
keep dogs on lease
clean up after yourself

We followed all the rules, though the horses did not.  Several of the herd walked right up to us and one even came within nose touching distances.  Rio barked, pony snorted and all had a great time.

We met a couple on Private Island, a Catamaran sailing vessel.  Paul and Kim had just arrived from West Palm, FL, they had sailed straight through to Beaufort and were quite tired. We made a date to get together the next day.

After walking the docks, a stop at the old cemetery and a second trip to the hardware store we stopped by the Catamaran for drinks and again swapped sailing stories.   Paul and Kim do charters and were on their way to DC to visit their daughter.

We stayed only 3 nights here.

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