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2014 Holiday Season – no rest for the wicked!

Merry Christmas ?


Gary and I decided to give Country Dance a face lift for Christmas, being that she is 15 years old and starting to look a little long in the tooth. Starting with the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, I would have extra time to help Gary with this project, so lets go!

Not real bad, just sort’a dated – and maybe a little shabby.

It all started with a new flush toilet. Gary has always disliked the Vacu-Flush, so this is where it began November 25th, 2014. Of course putting in the new Marine Elegance toilet left a few blemishes that needed repair, so Gary decided to paint around the base of the toilet, which led me to ask for a small cabinet next to the toilet to hold extra TP. Electric_headWhile looking at that project we decided to replace the counter tops so the whole room would be like new. The question was what type of counter tops?
We tossed around several ideas – Corian, Formica and several others that just didn’t fit. We end up agreeing on Oak Butcher Block style. Gary had built a cedar plank canoe with epoxy and figured the same technique would work here. So we went on the hunt for the “WOOD”.

We changed our minds on the style as the butcher block was going to be a ton of work. The final plan ended up getting (3) squares/bundles of solid oak flooring to use as counter tops. These were tongue and groove which would help make up for our lack of a “real” shop.  While getting them on to the boat, Gary missed a step and went straight down into the water at the back of the boat. The bundle of oak balancing between the aft of the boat and the dock as Gary bobbed in the water. A cracked rib and 1 bundle more to get on the boat, we were ready to start our counter tops (11/27/14).
We tore out the (2) tops in the forward head and proceed to layout the oak planks for the top. We counter sunk the sink for a cleaner look and added a fiddle on the front to keep items from slipping off.(not in this photo, sorry). The tops turned out beautiful and only took a week.

IMG_1369 IMG_1367  IMG_2859
So on to the next counter top – THE GALLEY


Yes, that is our salon being used as a wood working shop.

We started tearing out the “kitchen” counter tops; we did the left side of the galley first and worked our way around leaving the sink for last. We began laying out the pieces of wood as they will be on the counter. We tried to stagger the colors so we didn’t have too many light woods together. After laying out every top we proceed to glue all the pieces together.IMG_2869Yes, thats epoxy on the salon table IMG_2900

As Gary looked at the refrigerator and freezer he decided to redo these also with new insulation. This is the one appliance that uses the most energy on the boat. So when I got home from work, I was in IMG_2893IMG_2906IMG_2874shock that we no longer had refrigeration. I had brought all of our freezer food to our neighbor’s boat for storage while the counter top was off; the rest was stored in a cooler with ice. A month later, the freezer is a little smaller, the fridge a little bigger, and both MUCH better insulated. Our neighbor had allowed us to share a freezer for the whole month.

TaDa. Now THATS a galley

TaDa. Now THATS a galley

Once all the counter tops were in place the real work began!!

Sand———Epoxy——-Sand——Epoxy——-polyurethane———sand———-polyurethane———sand—Epoxy——sand..      Grandma arrived for her annual winter stay on Jan 9th, and try and we might, the top was ALMOST, but not quite done.  Along the way, we added some space in a cabinet, made a new spice area, and ……boat project.  Added some under cabinet lights and POW…. a galley unlike any C470 you have ever seen.

How was your Holiday?